If you blink, you might miss all the days left until Christmas! The season of giving is upon us, and millions across the country are undoubtedly scrambling for last-minute ideas. What does one get for those people that are always on the road? The folks that aren’t home as much to use the treadmills or the kitchen gadgets of the world? You might be asking this if you know someone with one of the most challenging jobs to shop for: truck drivers.

Here are our recommendations:

Bluetooth Headset: Hands-free communication is essential for a trucker to be able to keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road!

Work Gloves: Even drivers’ hands need protection from the harsh winter cold and the rough nature of the equipment they handle on a daily basis.









Seat Organizer: Tools, eating utensils, toiletries, phones, there’s no shortage of small items truckers carry with them. Help them keep their already limited workspace tidied up!

Multi-Tool: Might we recommend the Great Plains Transport multi-tool? These are given to all new drivers at orientation!







Insulated Tumbler: Be it for hydration or caffeine, truck drivers need a way to keep their beverages at the right temperature.

Portable Slow Cooker: Drivers at Great Plains Transport are given $50 worth of groceries on us to fill their fridge at orientation. Get the truck driver in your life a means of preparing that food on the road!







Hoodies: Might we recommend a hoodie from Great Plains Transport? All new drivers get one for free at orientation!

GPS: Ensure that a missed exit doesn’t make a long haul even longer. All electronic devices can be powered using the 150-watt inverter provided to all GPT drivers!








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