The Auxiliary Power Unit, or APU, is one of the most helpful tools available to truck drivers. At Great Plains Transport, drivers earn bonuses for having low idle times throughout the month. Utilizing the APU truck is the key to cutting down on idle time. That being said, there are some misconceptions surrounding this part of the truck. Additionally, there are many possibilities to consider if yours breaks down. Continue reading to find out how drivers can get the best use out of the APU.

First of all, let’s look at the real functions of the APU truck. The idea that this mechanism works similarly to a space heater is a common misunderstanding. In reality, the APU does not quickly take an area from one extreme temperature to another. Instead, it is meant to maintain a comfortable, preset temperature while the truck isn’t running. Drivers no longer need to start the truck in the morning and leave it idling to change the temperature. If a driver knows they’re traveling somewhere with extreme temperatures, the APU will need to be activated before arrival. Next, the APU will be much more effective in controlling smaller spaces. Therefore, you should consider closing the bunk curtains when first turning on the APU.

Second of all, breakdowns are practically unavoidable, and this holds true for the APU truck. Many possible malfunctions can cause issues with this mechanism. These include oil leaks, coolant leaks, alternator feedback, overheating, and more.

Finally, watch this video on how to fix any APU issues you might be experiencing!

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