Heavy Haul Transport Services

GPT can haul all types of trailers. Freight we commonly handle are grain bins, various steel products including coils, lumber and numerous other materials. We train and retrain on proper securement practices to ensure a safe and timely delivery of our customers goods.


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Our Dedicated Transportation services are unmatched.

Heavy Haul Transport

Our heavy haul fleet consists of both 48 & 53’ all aluminum units.

We strive to offer a multitude of trailer options so we can service all of our customers needs as well as help with special projects when needed. For example, a step deck will allow for loads that exceed a flatbed height allowance. Thus, reducing costs for each step deck shipment. ** The heavy-haul division is our most tenured group of drivers in the organization. We also have a permit company in house which stream lines our heavy haul shipments for all our customers.

Our heavy haul division is equipped with drivers with many years of experience and an in-house permit company
Our in-house permit company aids in reducing the time it takes for your load to get delivered. No matter how wide, tall, long, or heavy the shipment is, our knowledgeable drivers and specialized trailers can handle the task at hand.

We have many different truck and trailer configurations to assist in getting your load moved safely and efficiently.

Our heavy haul transport services are unmatched.
Our Dedicated Transportation services are unmatched.

Flatbed Transport

When shipping bags, bulk, aluminum, or steel coils, our professional team of drivers and dispatchers will offer the best service on the road. Our fleet is equipped with late-model equipment; most trailers are under 2 years old.

We take the same pride in our equipment as we do with our customer service. A significant addition to our flatbed fleet has been the addition of the Conestoga kits, making many standard loads easily securable and safe from all elements. Whether you ship bulk or bag commodities, steel coils, aluminum, components or produce in season, etc., our professional drivers; knowledgeable, experienced dispatchers; and customized, top-of-the-line equipment deliver the best service on the road.

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Our flatbed transport services are unmatched.
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We're Looking For Drivers

We're Looking For Drivers

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