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We're currently looking for drivers to help expand our Team. If you're looking to work in a fun, family-oriented environment, you've come to the right place. Company drivers can look forward to running without being micromanaged!

Meet Kevin!

He is our full-time Recruiter, and overall rockstar! He love's hearing from people, and would be able to answer almost any question that pops up. If you'd rather speak to an actual human, instead of clicking on the apply now, give him a call! He's waiting to hear from you right now.


Driver Testimonials

I Have Been Working For Great Plains Since The 1st Of September When I Left On My First Load And I Must Say The Hauls Are Very Good And Long!!!! As Long As You Deliver Or Let Them Know Ahead Of Time On Delivery Time If You Can't Make it You Should Not Have Any Issues. The Equipment Is Great! I Luv My 2014 Freight-liner! Im The 2nd Person To Drive It Since It's Been New And It Runs Great! And The Staff Are All Very Nice At The Terminal!!! I Would Absolutely Recommend This Company To Anyone Thats Interested...

-Cedric Perry

An employee in the office at Great Plains stayed at work about 30 minutes overtime to help me with the receiver in Pennsylvania on a load that at first would not accept the load because there was an issue with the delivery confirmation number and the broker was not available to answer the phone. The problem was solved and they are accepting the load tonight.

Compare that with any big company trucking firm who would, based on my experience with bigger companies, likely have said: "We are closing for the day, call back first thing in the morning at 8AM and we will get it straightened out."

Great Plains is one of those companies of which if there is a fire they would not say something like "We are on lunch break right now, we will put out the fire after lunch." The phone at great plains is always answered immediately every time I call and no one tries to give your problem to someone else by transferring your call to several people. No one ever says: "That's not my job."

I have nothing but positive comments based on true direct experience with Great Plains Transport out of W. Fargo, ND. Although I have only been working for them about two months so far. Even if there are possible truck companies that might pay slightly more per mile, the extra help and the extra mile that GP office workers and mechanics will crawl out onto a limb to help drivers more than makes up the difference in more per mile big companies that sometimes have issues that would cause serious delays in loads and resulting even less overall earnings in the long run.

The above incident is not just one but at least three times that I had an issue and Great Plains went beyond expectations to help me. I will always stand up for Great Plains against any negative or false complaints posted by whiners,

-~ Larry Thompson ~