Driving A Tradition

Being in business over 41 years, Great Plains Transport and our companies are now hauling over 40,000 shipments annually. We always strive to keep our promises to our customers, staff and vendors for every mile we drive.

Hit The Road Running

Great Plains Transport has a rich history that spans over four decades—founded by Bob Holland, a true trucking enthusiast who knew from a young age that he was destined for the industry. Inspired by his father, Vernon Holland, who logged over 4 million miles on the road, Bob’s passion for trucks and engines led him to establish Great Plains Transport in 1993.

Bob’s hands-on approach and self-taught expertise as a “Master Mechanic” have been instrumental in the company’s growth. His unwavering commitment to getting the job done has laid the foundation for the success of GPT.

Join Great Plains Transport on the road to success and experience the legacy of passion, dedication, and expertise that drives our company forward.

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Transporting Between Then & Now

2005 – Building Partnerships and Growth

In 2005, Great Plains Transport formed a partnership with a company owned by Bob’s older brother in Mapleton, ND. This strategic collaboration propelled our growth from 10 trucks to 35, allowing us to handle over 1,000 loads annually. Our team was dedicated, and we were having a blast along the way.

2011 - Family Succession and Expansion

By 2011, Bob’s son Mike joined the team to manage day-to-day operations, marking a new era for Great Plains Transport. Our company had more than doubled in size, with 70 trucks ensuring the safe delivery of 6,000 shipments each year. GPT was spreading its wings and soaring to new heights.

2013 – Building Momentum and Solutions

In 2013, we broke ground on our new company headquarters and expanded our fleet by adding 85 additional trucks. The momentum continued as we acquired CMT Transportation, LLC, a North Dakota-based flatbed trucking company with 35 trucks. This strategic move allowed us to offer our valued customers and drivers even more solutions.

2015 - Evolving Independence

In 2015, Great Plains Transport took a bold step by ending a significant partnership, allowing us to carve out our own identity and future. With approximately 100 trucks in our fleet, we embraced the opportunity to chart a new course and establish ourselves as an independent force in the transportation industry. This pivotal moment reinforced our commitment to delivering exceptional service, fostering innovation, and building strong relationships with our valued customers and dedicated employees.

2018 - Disrupting the Industry and Pursuing Dreams

In 2018, we revolutionized the industry by implementing Driver Salary, a groundbreaking approach that prioritized our drivers’ well-being and disrupted traditional payment models. Additionally, we introduced EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) to align our company towards achieving our collective dreams and aspirations.

2023 - Driving Success with an Impressive Fleet

As we look ahead to 2023, Great Plains Transport stands tall with an impressive fleet of 250 trucks and 300 trailers, symbolizing our growth and unwavering commitment to excellence. Each year, we handle approximately 40,000 shipments, a testament to the trust our valued customers place in us. Behind our success is a dedicated team of 300 employees who work tirelessly to ensure every delivery is executed with precision and care. With our sights set on the future, we remain steadfast in our mission to provide top-notch transportation services that exceed expectations and drive success for our customers and partners.

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culture that fuels passion

At Great Plains Transport (GPT), we believe in cultivating an inspiring and supportive company culture that fuels our team’s passion for exceptional service, safety, and growth. With that in mind, we have created an environment that empowers our team members to achieve professional and personal milestones – all while delivering top-notch transportation solutions to our customers.

As a forward-thinking trucking company, we strive to integrate innovative programs and initiatives to enhance our workplace culture. Among these initiatives include comprehensive employee-centric programs and recognition systems:

Rest Easy With Our Dream Program

At GPT, we understand that fulfilling personal goals and aspirations can have a positive impact on our team members’ motivation and performance at work. That’s why we’ve introduced the Dream Manager Program – a unique and personalized approach to helping our team members realize their dreams beyond their trucking industry careers. Through this program, we offer individualized coaching, mentorship, and support for each employee, empowering them to turn their personal dreams into reality.

GPT in the Community

Our commitment to positive company culture doesn’t end with our employees – we strive to make a meaningful impact on our local communities. Through charitable giving, volunteer work, and support for local businesses, we’re dedicated to uplifting the area we operate in. Among the many organizations we support is United Way of Cass Clay, Big Brothers Big Sisters Fargo, Hope Inc., Nexus Family Healing, and more.

Contact us if you are part of, or know of an organization that could use community support.

Most Valuable Teammate Program

We are proud of our employees’ resilience, dedication, and commitment to excellence in their work, and we never miss an opportunity to show our appreciation. Our Most Valuable Teammate Recognition is a weekly testament to our gratitude for their contributions to driving the success of GPT. This employee recognition program highlights and rewards outstanding job performance, demonstrable safety practices, and exceptional customer service.

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Other Gpt Opportunities

Join the Great Plains Transport team and be in the driver’s seat of your success!

Ready for a fulfilling truck driving career? Look no further than Great Plains Transport! As a family-run business, we prioritize a supportive and close-knit work environment.

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Our drivers enjoy salary pay and our comprehensive benefits package, 401K with company match, and full-sized refrigerators. We leave no stone unturned in taking care of our drivers’ needs.

We Are Invested

We prioritize the well-being and success of our drivers. We understand the challenges that can arise in the industry, such as extended wait times, inclement weather, and equipment issues.

Driver Testimonials

At Great Plains Transport, our truck drivers, office staff, and mechanics are all equally valued teammates. Our President takes the time to meet each new face so that he can know them by name. We know it’s easy to be a good person, and we make every effort to prove it.

Watch our teammates talk about their experiences working with Great Plains Transport!

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