Great Plains Transport

About Us

Being in business over 41 years, we have grown steadily from one truck to almost 250 today. GPT and our companies are now hauling over 20,000 shipments annually. Always striving to keep our promises to our customers, staff and vendors for every mile we drive. It takes a team and we know that, so we want to thank all of our “Teammates” along the way and all new team members as we continue to improve.

How We Got Started

Great Plains Transport was founded by Robert “Bob” Holland in 1977. Bob started out with 1 truck and now has 250 power units, with continuous growth each year.


I have been working for Great Plains since the 1st of September when I left on my first load and I must say the hauls are very good and long!!!! As long as you deliver or let them know ahead of time on delivery time if you can’t make it you should not have any issues. The equipment is great! I love my 2014 freight-liner! I’m the 2nd person to drive it since it’s been new and it runs great! And the staff are all very nice at the terminal!!! I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone that’s interested…

Cedric Perry


I am going on my 3rd year of working at GPT. There is Peace & Quite. My phone doesn’t ring because of the Qualcomm. I have never had a breakdown with my Freightliner. Mike tried to give me a new tractor this year and I said this one is just getting broke in. I made a 1400.00 dollar longevity bonus this year as well a raise every year I have been here.

Gary Carter