On average, a semi-truck crash occurs every 15 minutes, resulting in over half a million accidents annually. Additionally, a quarter of all weather-related vehicle accidents are attributed to icy, snowy roads.

With this in mind, it goes without saying how important it is for truck drivers to have ways to avoid adding to these statistics. That’s why Great Plains Transport trucks each come with their own sets of snow-chains. These protect trucks and trailers from slipping and sliding. Several states have their own laws regarding snow-chains, as well as penalties for breaking such laws.

Applying snow-chains may seem like a complicated process; Great Plains has a step-by-step tutorial on our YouTube channel. It makes the process simple and available for all to view!

Here are the steps, which are also explained and demonstrated in the video:

  • Lay chains flat on the ground, untangling them.
  • Pick chains up by the middle, keeping arms shoulder-width.
  • Drape chains over the tire.
    •  (Keep the cross-chains evenly spaced)
  • Pull your truck forward roughly 2 feet, so that the front end of the chains is now underneath your tire.
  • Attach the chain links at the end to an open hook.
    • Do this for the hooks on both the inside and outside of your tire.
  • Use an allen wrench to tighten the cams down.
    • Start with the cams at the bottom and work your way counter-clockwise up the chains.
    • Take extra caution not to pinch your fingers!
  • Attach bungee cords to keep chains tight.
    • Keep the tips of the hooks facing away from the tire

Once this is all accomplished, your truck and trailer will be safe from sliding on the winter roads! See this tutorial on video

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