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Truck drivers each have their own reasons to prefer one semi-truck model over the rest. One of the biggest rivalries in the industry is Freightliner vs Kenworth. Carriers like Great Plains Transport have trucks from both brands in their fleet. Both companies have made a name for themselves over decades of development. With that in mind, what leads drivers to go for one over the other?


Kenworths are generally more technologically advanced than their rival. Due to having Google integrated, the navigation system is relatively easy to use. Diagnostics in the Kenworths are web-based, and the trucks can identify issues while on the road. Truckers are more likely to get the truck into a dealership before a breakdown leaves them stranded. Kenworths also boast a very sleek and modern look. This brand seems to excel in technological advancement and efficiency.


On the other hand, Freightliners focus on improving the areas in which more traditional drivers put stock. The Freightliner Cascadia achieves 10 miles to the gallon on average, compared to the 7.69 miles of the Kenworth T680. Additionally, while Kenworths can detect potential problems, there are considerably more Freightliner dealerships across the country. Both have their ways of saving time lost to breakdowns. Finally, Freightliners might not have the sleek shape of modern Kenworths, but the layout of the bedding tends to be roomier.

In summary, both Kenworth and Freightliners certainly have their advantages. What’s an advantage is often up to the opinion of the user. Kenworths are generally more contemporary in design, while Freightliners are generally more traditional. Ultimately, the driver will decide which appeals more to his or her tastes.

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