Speaking honestly, there’s no one who knows what drivers are looking for better than drivers themselves. Professional recruiters know the industry inside and out and do a fantastic job getting familiar with those they are aiming to hire for their team. The first-hand experience of fellow truckers is difficult to beat.

So, Great Plains Transport introduced the Penny Forever program. Imagine growing your team while growing your monthly earnings in the process! Truckers at Great Plains can help lead colleagues that they meet on the road to the Team. Both GPT drivers, veterans, and newcomers, will get an extra penny for every mile the newcomer travels. Just send our recruiting team a name and phone number – we’ll take care of the rest!

It doesn’t end there! The more drivers they lead to the team, the more pennies they’ll have earned by the end of the month. Multiply the amount in the graphic above by 2, 3, even 10! Drivers have to sit at shippers and truck stops anyway, why not use it to introduce yourself to some peers and let them know what’s going on at GPT? It just makes cents!

Hear more about how it works from a driver and a Penny Forever participant.

Better yet, hear from two!

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