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The ongoing pandemic has created a truck driver shortage, not just in the US, but across the globe. Supplies are needed more than ever; the number of people available to help deliver them seems lower than ever. Why is this, and how is Great Plains Transport able to sustain momentum even in the midst of it?

When COVID-19 surged, so did the demand for supplies. There was extra pressure on drivers to constantly run to deliver on time. They became overwhelmed or even burnt out. Great Plains avoided this pitfall with their long-established, stable salary and paid home-time. As one GPT driver puts it, “You’re getting paid to go home!”

Many facilities shut down during the pandemic, which meant pick-up and delivery locations left trucks sitting for hours longer. Drivers paid by the number of miles they drove experienced hits in their income. Since Great Plains pays a salary, drivers could sit for hours and not lose a cent by the end of the week. “[Salary] makes it feel like we are cared for instead of being punished for things we can’t help.” says one GPT driver.

Ultimately, Great Plains Transport’s success during the truck driver shortage is due to a genuine care and appreciation for its employees. There was no extra stress or pressure put on those on the road with this carrier. Security and consistency has gone a long way through a time of uncertainty.

Interested in being part of the driver team? Learn about Great Plains’ driver program.

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