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Let’s say a driver reaches 12,000 miles traveled per month for all twelve months of the year. On average, the high-end of pay-per-mile is $0.40. This driver earns $4800 a month, or $57,600 for the entire year. That’s nearly $10,000 less than what every salary driver at Great Plains Transport is guaranteed to make by the end of the year!

The word “guarantee” is simply not in the cards for those employed at a per-mile structure. Oppressive weather, time spent at late shippers and receivers, health/safety emergencies, and other unforeseen incidents make that $4800 a month less attainable. Why should the truck driver need to worry about a hit in their paycheck when they have little control over the aforementioned factors?

Great Plains Transport switched to salary pay over two years ago for this reason. This pay structure has proven effective and is cited frequently as a big reason our truckers love driving with us. Without drivers, there would be no Great Plains; there would be no country! Greg, a Great Plains driver, told us, “There’s drivers that are… like ‘Oh no, I make way more [with my company],’ but they start adding up and realize – they ain’t really making that.”

Perhaps you find yourself falling into that category. Consider seeking out a salary driver position if you’re interested in, as Greg puts it, “…getting paid to go home.”

Great Plains Transport is hiring Company Drivers right now.

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