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Great Plains Transport Earns Cold Carrier Certification from International Refrigerated Transportation Association

Not all professional trucking companies are the same, especially when it comes to refrigerated transportation. It’s absolutely essential to many businesses in the United States to have safe and sanitary transportation of food across many state lines but there can be many ways that distribution poses challenges to this goal. Because of this, Great Plains Transport is excited to announce a new official achievement in its services: the Cold Carrier Certification.

What is the Cold Carrier Certification Program?

The Cold Carrier Certification from the International Refrigerated Transportation Association (IRTA) is the mark of a company that demonstrates excellence in transporting refrigerated goods. The certification focuses on two aspects of trucking and distribution in refrigeration: carrier conformance and carrier proof of knowledge.

The carrier conformance area focuses on the company’s adoption of the IRTA Refrigerated Transportation Best Practices Guide, which outlines best practices for sanitary food transport. The proof of knowledge makes sure that the company is dedicated to adopting best practices that are outlined by the IRTA. The Cold Carrier Certification awards companies who not only demonstrate adherence to standards that exceed federal expectations but that are dedicated to increasing the standards of the transportation and supply chain industries.

The Cold Carrier Certification is the first certification of its kind focused on excellence in refrigerated transportation.

How is the Cold Carrier Program Awarded?

cold carrier certification from IRTAAfter applying to the Cold Carrier Program’s assessment, applicants submit a Quality Assurance Manual that contains proof of conformance to the Certified Cold Carrier criteria.

The Cold Carrier Certification program is rigorous in ensuring that every carrier staff member can demonstrate proof knowledge, which is why it’s so notable and exciting that Great Plains Transport is one of seven companies to be awarded IRTA stands for “International Refrigerated Transportation Association. 

Above Average Trucking at Great Plains Transport

 The Cold Carrier Certification isn’t just another plaque on the wall for Great Plains Transport. By earning this certification, Great Plains Transport is certified for the company’s extraordinary commitment to sanitary and safe perishable product transportation that exceeds federal standards. Offered by the International Refrigerated Trucking Association (IRTA), the cold Carrier Certification recognizes cold carrier companies that comply with the IRTA Refrigerated Transportation Best Practices Guide.

“When we’re only one of seven carriers in the world that has this, people take notice. This certifies that we’ve gone above and beyond the federal government’s food safety guidelines and offers an added level of protection for our customers.”

Lee Neal

Vice President of Business Development, Great Plains Transport, Inc.

In the end, the certification isn’t what matters for Great Plains Transport – it’s the satisfaction of Great Plains Transport’s customers. Sanitary transport of food is essential to the success of many businesses across the United States. By obtaining the rigorous accreditation Cold Carrier Certification from the International Refrigerated Transportation Association, each customer can rest assured that Great Plains Transport is an industry leader in refrigerated transport and will go the extra mile every time.

A High Level of Commitment to Every Customer

Now you can see that commitment displayed in the Cold Carrier Certification logo on our trucks. Talk to us about what this means for you. Talk to one of Great Plains Transport’s team to learn more about our certificated and how we can best serve your refrigerated transport needs!

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