Great Plains Transport Launches Salary Pay for Truck Drivers

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Great Plains Transport launches salary pay for truck drivers

Great Plains Transport Launches Salary Pay for Truck Drivers

Driving a truck is more than what it sounds. Beyond helping your company with distribution, trucking allows many businesses in the United States to gain access to products to provide the country with the necessary products and services for everyday life. Great Plains Transport acknowledges the importance of professional truck drivers and, as a result, has decided to make a change to the way they are compensated.

Instead of quarterly bonuses and inconsistent paychecks, Great Plains Transport is changing the way the trucking industry works by introducing a salary-based pay structure. Great Plains Transport has eliminated income stress that comes with the typical pay per mile that many trucking companies use with salary and consistent bonuses determined by miles.

In the end, Great Plains Transport believes that this change will lead to happier, less stressed drivers, better productivity and, ultimately, the best service for its customers.

Great Plains Transport’s New Salary Pay Structure

With an increased desire to create a fulfilling work environment for all Great Plains Transport professional truck drivers, it was an easy decision to change the pay structure from hourly pay and quarterly bonuses to an annual salary of $65,000 a year, paid on a weekly basis. In addition to steady comfortable pay, the new pay structure still includes a bonus that is based on miles, paid on a monthly basis.

Great Plains Transport values the comfortable wage for its professional truck drivers, resulting in a salary that is above the average salary for professional truck drivers in the United States. According to Glassdoor, the average base pay for a professional truck driver is $58,201 a year, which is significantly higher than the median wage reported. Working with Great Plains Transport is far above average, which is why working for the company means your compensation will be above average as well.

But a comfortable starting salary isn’t the only aspect of the payment structure when you’re a professional truck driver at Great Plains Transport Inc – there’s a bonus structure that every driver can take advantage of every month. Here’s how it works:

Great Plains Transport professional truck drivers, in addition to weekly salary payouts, will have the option to take advantage of their hard work and receive up to $1,000 per month in bonuses that are tied to the miles driven. With this new bonus program, it’s not easier than ever to enjoy the consistency of reliable pay while still being able to take advantage of your strong work ethic!

The monthly bonus breakdown at is:

  •     Extra 11,000 miles in a month = $300 bonus payout
  •     Extra 12,000 miles in a month = $500 bonus payout
  •     Extra 13,000 miles in a month = $800 bonus payout
  •     Additionally, there’s a MPG bonus = $100

Bonuses for each month are paid the following month in the second week, meaning Great Plains Transport drivers don’t have to wait months to see the result of their hard work. Pay for the necessities in life with your reliable weekly pay and buy the next item on your wishlist with your bonuses!

Beyond Consistent Paychecks and Bonuses

If you thought that salary and bonuses were enough, there are even more benefits that every driver at Great Plains Transport can enjoy. Along with the $65,000 salary and potential for additional bonuses, drivers will enjoy medical, dental and life insurance for added peace of mind for your short-term and long-term future. Plan for the future with a 401k company match program and plan for the short-term with paid vacation.

New Base SALARY – $65,000+ Annually!
Up to $1,000 Per Month in Additional Bonuses
New Equipment
Medical, Dental, & Life Insurance
401k With Company Match
& More!

Why Salary is Better for Professional Truck Drivers

Salary pay in the transport business is far from the norm; instead, most companies operate on a pay per mile pay structure. As many truck drivers would tell you, pay per mile compensation leaves room for the stress about the unknown.

With pay per mile pay structures, many truck drivers often feel nervous about the potential for unexpected downtime, which translates to many hours on the road without compensation for your time. Instead of lost money in the pockets of hard-working drivers, Great Plains Transport’s salary allows drivers to look at downtime, bad weather and layovers for what they are, rather than stressful time and money lost.

While working for Great Plains Transport means that most professional truck drivers will be on the road for three weeks at a time, you will still be able to take care of your family and obligations back home, regardless of being on the road. With salary, you can take care of all your obligations at home from children to rent to the electrical bill without the constant worry of making ends meet while you’re on the road. With an above-average salary paid out weekly, you’re able to account for all your monthly expenses with confidence, rather than with the worry of scarcity and need for overtime hours.

Forget the Guilt of a Well-Deserved Day Off

Why feel guilty about being home? With salary pay, truck drivers don’t have to feel that every moment of days off is wasted time that could be spent on the road. Instead, Great Plains Transport professional truck drivers can find work-life balance without the guilt and enjoy the satisfaction of a hard day’s work and a well-deserved day off.

The Difference of Working for Great Plains Transport

Creating a stable working environment is at the top of Great Plains Transport’s priorities. By paying on a salaried pay structure, every truck driver is taken care of for their hard work. In return, the whole organization experiences a lift in productivity and a better culture, rather than stressful conversations and rushed safety maintenance.

Creating a workplace that values employees’ time and pays accordingly is in alignment with a long-standing focus on providing freight that is continually striving for excellence both inside and outside of the team. Learn how you can be a part of the worry-free environment at Great Plains Transport by calling (701) 412-6417 or texting (866) 379-0923!

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