What is Personal Conveyance?

Truck drivers are required to maintain a log of their hours, as per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Hours of Service Regulations. Truck drivers who exceed the maximum number of hours allowed per day or week can be fined, and their companies may be subject to an investigation. Personal conveyance is when a truck driver uses the truck for personal reasons, such as going to and from a job site or getting food or rest.

Why is Personal Conveyance important?

Truck drivers are subject to strict regulations regarding their hours of operation and the routes they can take. These rules help to ensure that drivers get the rest they need and do not exceed the maximum hours of operation. Personal conveyance rules are one way that these regulations are enforced.

When Truck drivers use personal conveyance, they must log it as such in their hours-of-service logs. Truck drivers who understand the importance of personal conveyance are more likely to comply with Hours of Service Regulations.

What can Personal Conveyance be used for?

Personal conveyance can be used as a way to get to and from the truck, go to the grocery store, the gym, and even doctor’s appointments. While personal conveyance can be used for many different things, it is important for truck drivers to remember that they are still responsible for their trucks. Truck drivers should never use personal conveyance while their trucks are unattended.

Here is a list of Examples that Qualify as Personal Conveyance

1. Driving from home to work and back.

2. Driving to a grocery store or other necessary destination.

3. Taking a truck on a short-distance trip for personal reasons (e.g., to visit family or friends).

4. Transporting small items that are owned by the driver and are not being used for business purposes.

Use Personal Conveyance Properly

Keeping truck drivers safe and accountable is crucial since they play a vital role in keeping our economy moving. The HOS created these rules and regulations to ensure that drivers take breaks and do not drive more than they can handle in a day. Trucking companies should also follow these rules and ensure that their drivers do not exceed HOS limits. Both truck drivers and their carriers must be familiar with the HOS to avoid costly penalties. For more information on Personal Conveyance, please visit these FAQs.

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