As a trucking company, we don’t settle for the status quo. We’re always on the lookout for innovative ways to enhance our employees’ job satisfaction and overall well-being. That’s why, when we learned about the Dream Manager Program, we saw it as a game-changer for our team culture. To ensure we could fully embrace this exciting opportunity, our Chief Culture Officer, Tyler Holland, traveled to Florida to earn his Dream Manager Certification with the Floyd Consulting team in October of 2022.


You may be wondering what the Dream Manager Program is and how it can make such a big impact. Well, it’s a unique approach to employee coaching that focuses on helping people discover and achieve their personal dreams. It’s not just about career advancement but rather about finding fulfillment and happiness in all aspects of life. By tapping into our employees’ passions and aspirations, we believe we can create a more engaged and motivated team that will thrive both personally and professionally.


Matt Holland

“Don’t wait! Start now working toward your dreams and becoming the best version of yourself.” 

– GPT Dreamer, Matt Holland


Tyler’s trip to Florida was just the beginning of our journey with the Dream Manager Program. With his newfound expertise, he’s embarked on a new mission: to help our employees uncover their dreams and support them in reaching their full potential. By investing in our team members in this way, we’re confident that we’ll see a positive ripple effect throughout our company culture. After all, happy and fulfilled employees are the foundation of a successful and thriving business.


We cannot wait to see even more Dreamers complete our program and achieve their goals! Be sure to stay tuned for some truly inspiring success stories right here on our blog. We are committed to showcasing the amazing accomplishments of our Dreamers as they work to pursue their passions and reach their highest potential. In the meantime, head over to our social channels to catch our weekly Dreamer of the Week and get a sneak peek at the amazing work our Dreamers are accomplishing in the program. We are proud to be a part of their journey and look forward to celebrating even more victories together!


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