Winter weather can be treacherous for truck drivers. Blizzards, ice storms, and high winds can make driving conditions very dangerous. Extra preparation will see you through any emergencies that may arise during your winter trucking trips. With that, we recommend keeping a winter emergency kit in your truck to make your winter travels safer. Your emergency kit should contain the following items:


☑️Snow Chains.

☑️Electric lanterns or flashlights. (If stranded at night, it is essential to have a light source available).

☑️Heavy Duty Winter Weather Clothing. (Inclement weather may delay the arrival of a service vehicle. Having the proper clothing to stay warm may save your life in case of hypothermia.)

☑️Extra Blankets. (For extremely cold nights. Carrying hand warmers is also a good idea in freezing temperatures.)

☑️Road flares. (More than the minimum required by D.O.T and FMCSA.)

☑️Non-perishable Foods. (Such as canned food and dehydrated or freeze-dried foods.)

☑️Extra Water. (Gallon jugs or packs of water bottles work.)

☑️Radio. (Battery-powered radios or CB radios with a backup battery-powered handheld CB radio. CB radios remain a primary way for drivers to communicate with each other and authorities in the event of an emergency.)

☑️Back-up cell phone battery banks/chargers. (In case you have no other way to recharge your cell phone.)

Though winter weather can be harsh, you can make it through with the proper preparation. Always remember to keep a winter emergency kit in your truck containing all the essential items you may need in case of an accident or breakdown. Did we forget anything? Let us know in the comments what else you would add to your winter emergency kit!

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