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With an unheard of 20% turnover rate and lowering, Great Plains Transport has the key to truck driver retention. Drivers are always our top priority. They’re the stars of the transportation industry. Nothing gets from point A to point B without someone behind the wheel. How does Great Plains make sure their drivers both get treated like number one and feel like they are?

Urgent Communication

We strive to never leave drivers on hold for too long. Many aspects of the job are time-sensitive, so breakdowns and delays ought to be treated with care and urgency. Even calls that aren’t emergencies deserve genuine investment. Are you really treating something as a priority if you’re willing to put it off for over 10 minutes? Would you feel important to someone who delays talking to you for that long? Great Plains aims for a less than 10-minute response time for communication from drivers.

That response time requires effort and organization on the carrier’s part. Great Plains implemented the support squad to reach that goal. This means for 24 hours every day, it’s a guarantee that someone will be there to answer the phone. Even if they can’t directly help with the driver’s particular concern, they can ensure the driver reaches the teammate who can. Drivers have access to many other options in addition to the phone. These include the Qualcomm, Microsoft Teams, and email. The goal of a 10-minute response time applies to each of these alternatives.

Implementing Feedback

Drivers’ feedback needs genuine consideration, which also helps with truck driver retention. They are our teammates just as much as the person in the cubicle next to us! Who’s going to have the best ideas for how to improve the quality of life on the road? Those who spend weeks at a time on it.

Great Plains is a trucking company that is dedicated to those on the road with us. Check out all that we offer for Salary Drivers!

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