First impressions are the key to forming a long-term relationship. OTR trucking orientation is the first chance drivers have to form an opinion on the carrier, and vice versa. How can companies make their orientation enjoyable and prepare drivers for a long, successful career? Why do new drivers at Great Plains Transport call it the best trucking orientation experience they’ve had?

Putting drivers on equal footing with the rest of the staff is crucial. Drivers are on the road a majority of the time, so office staff won’t see them as often as each other. Some might think of drivers as separate or even lesser than the rest. In reality, they’re just as much your co-workers as the person in the cubicle next to you. Take away drivers, and you’ve removed the backbone of the carrier. Show the new recruits that they’re not just an asset or a number. Their input and well-being is just as valuable as that of the dispatchers, safety, and even leadership teams.

A good way to demonstrate respect for a new recruit is to learn their name and remember it. Calling a new co-worker by their name helps them feel like more than part of another run-of-the-mill week of new hires. It shows that you care enough to genuinely get to know them.

Finally, it’s important to maintain the flow of orientation. Drivers shouldn’t be forced to sit or wander aimlessly for hours between sessions. At the same time, breathing room is a necessity. Keep up with the orientation schedule while giving recruits enough time to both process all they’ve learned and take it easy.

For the most driver-oriented and balanced on-boarding process in the industry, apply today at Great Plains Transport.

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