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For many drivers, it’s difficult to find trucking companies that hire after the SAP program. The Substance Abuse Professionals, or SAP, is a group that a driver must attend should they fail a drug test. Many carriers across the country will refuse to hire drivers if they’ve been through the program. Great Plains Transport, on the other hand, welcomes these drivers with open arms!

It’s true, Great Plains is one of the trucking companies that hire after the SAP program. We genuinely believe that all hard workers deserve second chances. We hire these drivers because employees should be looked at based on who they are today. Past mistakes are not what should decide if someone does or doesn’t get hired! By continuing to search for employment, you’re demonstrating the intent to move on from these past events. That shows accountability, which is Great Plains’ first core value!

So, why would drivers want to drive with Great Plains Transport?

Firstly, Great Plains has been paying drivers a salary for three years. Our drivers enjoy getting a consistent paycheck every week. The industry standard per-mile pay structure punishes drivers for things that get in the way of the miles. Such things as weather and illness are out of the driver’s control. At GPT, you’ll get the same paycheck regardless of these factors!

Secondly, these drivers get paid while on home-time. When you take your well-deserved break, the last thing that should be on your mind is your financial situation. We also guarantee that you’ll get home on time for these breaks, so you can stay on top of your own schedule.

If you’ve been through the SAP program, and you meet all the qualifications, we want you on the road with us!

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