Driver Resources

At Great Plains Transport, we know that employee development is a critical part of creating a lasting business. We are invested in our drivers, and provide resources to help them do their job easier, safer and more effectively. We help our drivers be prepared, so they can be successful, deliver great service, and make a difference.

TA Petro Resources

The best application for TA Petro Resources is the TruckSmart Mobile App. The newly enhanced app is designed to make life easier for drivers by providing data that road warriors need.

Some of the main features of the TruckSmart Mobile App include:

  • Search for TA, Petro shopping centers and TA Express locations by amenities
  • Reserve and pay for showers and parking
  • Advanced booking for in-bay services, and submitting work order requests
  • Real-time updates of construction and weather hazards
  • Diesel, bulk DEF and LNG fuel prices

By using the TruckSmart Mobile App, our drivers have the information they need at their fingertips. It helps them plan their route, avoid upcoming hazards, and maintain their equipment in the best way possible.

Loves Travel Center Resources

Loves offers a variety of resources to help drivers with their journey. With rewards programs, tire assessment services, and roadside assistance, our drivers are better taken care of with Loves services.

  • Loves Driver Rewards – clean restrooms, private showers, and DEF at the pump
  • Loves TirePass – tire assessment, inflation, and stock of all major brands
  • Loves and Speedco Map – location finding for light or full mechanical services

By helping our drivers find the services they need, they can better take care of their rig, avoid downtime, and stay on the road.

On The Road Driver Nutrition Resources

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps drivers stay alert, sleep better, and avoid getting sick. By providing our drivers with the information they need, they can choose a healthy diet and exercise plan to fit their lifestyle.

Our resources include:

  • Healthy eating tips for truck drivers
  • Healthy living on the road
  • Mindful eating tips to prevent overeating
  • Beware of prescription and over the counter drugs

At Great Plains Transport, we want all of our employees to have the habits, health and lifestyle they desire. We are a family that supports each other, and part of that is taking the time to invest in our wellbeing and physical nature of our demanding jobs.

On The Road Driver Sleep Resources

Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t normally an option on the road. However, with the help of some OTR driver sleep resources, our drivers can plan ahead and avoid the destructive effects of lack of sleep, including:

  • Sleep apnea – a sleep-related breathing disorder involving a decrease in airflow
  • Narcolepsy – a potentially dangerous sleep disorder that causes sleepiness during waking hours
  • Sleep deprivation – a lack of sleep associated with less alertness and motivation
  • Napping, nighttime sleep and cardiovascular risk factors

By improving sleeping habits, our drivers can prevent accidents, plan their trip better, and increase their health. We want our drivers to feel at their best, so they can deliver on schedule, give great service to customers, and enjoy their time on the road.

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