Energy, Expertise and Equipment to Serve You Better

Attention Potential Drivers:

New Base SALARY – $72,800+ Annually!
Bonuses – Up to $2,100 Per Month
Performance reviews with raises after 3 months based on production.
New Equipment 2022 to 2018 Kenworth Freightliners Automatics
Riders Allowed day 1 no charge
Pets allowed (no cats)
Paid Vacation
Medical, Dental, & Life Insurance
401k With Company Match
Paid Home Time

We Have the People, the Process and the Equipment for All Your Freight Hauling Needs

At Great Plains Transport, we offer comprehensive trucking services designed to meet the changing and growing needs of our customers and drivers. We excel in providing superior customer service along with a team of safe, knowledgeable drivers who are fully trained to drive a fleet of well-maintained vehicles. 

As a family business, we started out with just 10 trucks, 10 trailers, and 10 drivers in 1993. Now, we have 300 trucks, 300 trailers, and nearly 300 drivers! This growth is due to our keen understanding of the industry and our ability to predict the future needs of our customers. 

We are trusted by recognized brands, including Nestle, FedEx, Johnsonville, Pepsi, Target, and US Foods, to name a few. And we have the energy, expertise, and equipment to meet your needs too!

This is our largest division. We understand the importance of making sure your products are carefully handled and monitored. Our trailers are fully equipped with state-of-the-art tracking, ensuring safe temperatures from point A to point B. We can make changes with the click of our mouse to guarantee the safe delivery of your temperature-sensitive cargo. Our over the road (OTR) drivers are able to monitor the loads very carefully with built-in warnings to ensure proper temperatures are maintained.

Cost containment and continuous improvement allow you to meet your objectives in today’s marketplace. Transportation management can prove a challenge with more demand for complex and challenging competencies. Great Plains Transport can provide overall transportation and fleet management experience that are perfectly suited to meet your distribution network objectives.

We can help you to increase productivity and save money, whether your company is large or small, operating in a single or in multiple locations, or managing interplant or customer-direct shipments. We will streamline your supply chain while allowing you to maintain complete control of your business.

Custom Transport Solutions for When It Absolutely has to Get There

When you choose Great Plains Transport for your transportation needs, we offer:

  • Ability to re-direct capital away from transportation costs
  • Assumption of liability risk exposure
  • Driver retention and management
  • Surge capacity
  • Reduced insurance costs
  • Focus on safety and regulatory compliance
  • Consistent superior customer service
  • Excellent on-time delivery performance
  • Captured capacity
  • No fleet-related capital expenditures
  • New equipment
  • Trained professional OTR drivers
  • Industry-leading start-up times
  • Network back-up and surge capacity

Great Plains Transport Is Looking for a Few Good Guys and Gals…

At Great Plains Transport, our OTR drivers are our most valuable asset. That’s why our President takes the time to meet every employee so that he can know them by name. We know it’s not hard to be a good person, and we make every effort to prove it. 

We take pride in the fact that we are a diverse employer with a high ratio of female staff and drivers. This is unheard of in our industry. The transportation industry offers flexibility, security, and growth. We excel in providing a flexible work environment with the option to be salaried and take on long hauls. Your needs are met, allowing you to put more money in your pocket. We even pay for Downtime, Resets, and Continued Training.

Great Plains Transport believes in transparency across all levels. Our managers are always available to discuss your concerns, listen to your ideas, and offer input to help you accelerate your career.

If you are stuck in a dead-end job, we would love to meet you to discuss the opportunities available at Great Plains Transport.

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Become a Salaried Driver!

$72,800+ Annual Salary
Up to $2,100 Per Month in Additional Bonuses
New Equipment
Medical, Dental, & Life Insurance
401k With Company Match
Paid Vacation
Detention Paid
Downtime & Layover Paid
& More!

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Wherever the Road Takes You… We’re There.

Fortrell - Driver

“I drove America 100 times! This isn’t for everyone, it’s LONG haul. At the same time, it’s not just going to come if you aren’t willing to get it. If you want to drive and get loads done on time, you’re going to make a lot of money. Why I drive trucks, you still have to get things from point A to point B, you’re always going to need drivers.”

Boone R. - Driver

“I’m extremely happy with the company so far; everybody seems really nice and it seems like the company really cares about its drivers.”

Cedric P - Driver

I have been working for Great Plains since the 1st of September when I left on my first load and I must say the hauls are very good and long!!!! As long as you deliver or let them know ahead of time on delivery time if you can’t make it you should not have any issues. The equipment is great! I love my 2014 freight-liner! I’m the 2nd person to drive it since it’s been new and it runs great! And the staff are all very nice at the terminal!!! I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone that’s interested…


Gary C - Driver

I am going on my 3rd year of working at GPT. There is Peace & Quiet. My phone doesn’t ring because of the Qualcomm. I have never had a breakdown with my Freightliner. Mike tried to give me a new tractor this year and I said this one is just getting broke in. I made a 1400.00 dollar longevity bonus this year as well a raise every year I have been here.


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