A recent class in new driver orientation gave us some insight into truck driver job recruitment. While discussing our Penny Forever program, they laid out a list of four major concerns: home-time, pay, equipment, and communication. These are, reportedly, the four concerns that arise most often when drivers try to sell others on their carrier. How does Great Plains handle each of these points?


The first important aspect to a truck driver job is the home-time. Drivers are given 3 days of paid time off after they have been on the road for 3 weeks. Every week in a row after the third will add an extra day of PTO. We know when teammates take time off, the paycheck is the last thing they should have on their mind. Spend time with your family or get that crucial R&R without taking a hit in your consistent weekly income. You can even take the truck home with you, if you want!


Secondly, the industry standard by-the-mile pay structure is outdated and unfair to truck drivers. Great Plains’ priority has always been drivers, which is why our truck driver job offers salary pay. Starting at $65000/year, truckers enjoy consistency and stability they won’t find anywhere else. Additionally, there’s ample room for growth with raises and bonuses. Whether you’re driving, waiting for maintenance, or taking a lunch break, your base paycheck will be the same every week.


If you’re driving with Great Plains, you can enjoy a Freightliner or Kenworth from the past four years or newer. Our maintenance crew is available 24/7 to answer questions, take a call, or even video chat. Find out more about our equipment!


We offer a wide variety of ways to get in touch with the office, shop, and other drivers. The phone, Qualcomm, email, and Microsoft Teams are all available. It’ll depend on the situation and on driver preference when picking which to use. We strive for a 10-minute response time to driver communication, no matter which avenue is used. Find out more about our communication outlets!

Great Plains has an answer for any concerns regarding truck driver jobs. We aim to make the best working experience for all of our teammates. Apply today, and let us know if you agree with these four points!

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