Penny Forever is an innovative driver recruitment program. If a Great Plains driver helps lead a fellow driver to the team, they’ll start earning more each month. An extra cent is added onto their paycheck for every mile the new driver travels. The new driver also gets an extra penny for every mile they themselves travel. Imagine an extra $1300 every month, just for getting a name and number and passing them along to the recruiting department!

So, what’s the trick to finding others for driver recruitment? Who can you talk to? How would the conversation start?

First of all, do you have a family member, friend, or even former classmate in the trucking industry? They could be the perfect first candidate. Of course, it’s always easiest to talk to the people you already know.

Next, all drivers have to wait at shippers, receivers, gas stations, and other truck stops. Penny Forever could start by introducing yourself to the people who are already waiting with you. The conversation likely won’t start on the topic of carriers. Both you and the person you’re talking to will be able to tell pretty quickly if you’re forcing the subject. However, you might find the chatter is leading that direction naturally.

If we might make some suggestions, here are some possible routes!

Guide to beginning the driver recruitment talks.

Once a Great Plains driver has successfully helped recruit one person, they’ll also get a set of business cards. With these, getting that name and number is even easier.

Finally, listen to a Penny Forever participant on how he did it!

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