Clarity breaks give employees that much needed levity from their work day. It’s easy for the day-to-day tasks to pile up into a mountain that seems impossible to climb. That’s why the Entrepreneurial Operating System, or EOS, introduced the concept of these breaks.

Great Plains Transport has implemented EOS over the past few years, so clarity breaks found their way into the workplace. The EOS website defines clarity breaks as “a regularly scheduled appointment on your calendar with yourself.” What does that description mean for the work culture at Great Plains?

Employees are encouraged to take a 30-minute break every day. Co-workers completely log off any work-related programs. They don’t accept any calls during this time. For at least half an hour, they have their minds to themselves. It’s essential to take this time to keep the day’s work from causing distress. Some might even use this time to think about new ideas or ways to approach tasks. There really is no wrong way to spend clarity breaks.

“I can stay away from burnout on the road,” one Great Plains driver told us, “and I got a lot more flexibility in my work.” A member of the dispatch team described what he does for his clarity break: “I talk to the drivers that come to the yard. [It] lets me unplug for a bit.”

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