About Us

Great Plains Transport is a small, fun, family owned, locally based transportation company, who believes that only by hiring the best people, giving them the best training, and providing them with good leadership can we achieve our goal of being the best refrigerated carrier in the transportation industry.

Since 1977 Mr. Robert Holland, President of Great Plains Transport, has always strived to maintain a strong customer base as well as an excellent safety rating. Great Plains Transport has expanded to 130 power units and continues to grow each year.

Great Plains Transport specializes in temperature-controlled commodities, and our fleet of Qualcomm Satellite equipped power units hauls freight from coast to coast.

I Have Been Working For Great Plains Since The 1st Of September When I Left On My First Load And I Must Say The Hauls Are Very Good And Long!!!! As Long As You Deliver Or Let Them Know Ahead Of Time On Delivery Time If You Can't Make it You Should Not Have Any Issues. The Equipment Is Great! I Luv My 2014 Freight-liner! Im The 2nd Person To Drive It Since It's Been New And It Runs Great! And The Staff Are All Very Nice At The Terminal!!! I Would Absolutely Recommend This Company To Anyone Thats Interested...

-Cedric Perry



Choosing us will not only benefit you, but it will also benefit us. Family is very important to us and we want you to be a part of it.